Electric Forrest Festival Rothburry Michigan 2013

I was very honored to provide soft goods support for Carey Thompson at this year’s Electric Forrest Festival in Rothbury Michigan.  Cary designed several of these gorgeous portal entry facades that where placed throughout the event and subcontracted me to create the custom stretch panels.   The facades gave a sense of passing from one area into another and helped to make that clear distinction.

To create the fabric elements for this project I worked off of Carey’s 2D scaled digital drawing of the portals.  From the drawing I extracted the fabric sizes and cut out all the parts.  Each and every panel was a full seamless sheet of material.   Rigging tabs where added for finishing.  Panels where then delivered to Carey and loaded in the truck leaving to EFF.

I didn’t get the opportunity to make it to the event so panels had to pre-coded with layout marking for panel orientation and correct ordering.  Reports from the setup where all thumbs up with each and every panel fitting exactly to spec – not to tight and not to loose.

I am very thankful for this opportunity and hope to be involved in next year’s EFF, a truly legendary festival!