Envision Festival – 2013 Uvita, Costa Rica

The Space Shaping Crew and I had a great time providing large scale decorative shade systems for this years Envision Festival that happened in Uvita Costa Rica!  We where in charge of a total of 4 areas of shade coverage and provided Carey Thompson with precession stretch panels for the main stage bamboo projection array.  This was my 3rd time working Envision and it was by far the best the fest has ever been!

Two of the shade area we created where made from hi end shade cloth not stretch fabric.  This is a new upgrade for Space Shaping and we are very excited to be offering these new panels as an alternative to stretch fabric.   These panels provide a 80% sun block and are semi wind transparent (a superior option for events looking for substantial and reliable shade even in the toughest conditions).   This picture shows the poppin bar stage shade made from 4 large right triangles that together form into a shade square.  It’s mounted up on bamboo verticals tensioned back with cable ways.

Our next project on the large list of to do’s for Envision was to create custom sized stretch fabric panels for  Carey Thompson facade setup on the main stage.  The main function of the panels was to be decorative surfaces that got projection mapped onto by Lucid Technology Design.  The panels where stacked and layered with about 50 cm inbetween each layer.  This gave a dramatic dimension effect once the projectors cast their powerful light onto the screen.

To create this I worked from a 2d digital drawing provided by Carey and translated it into these stretch panels.   Panels where manufactured state side and then flew down with us so accuracy was especially important.  Everything fit snug and went up in a remarkable 2 hour time window setup up by a volunteer and I (that is the fabric part only, not the bamboo structure).

At the very center of this surreal stage we built a huge rear surface projection screen under the watchful eye of the Jonathan Singer.   As always Jonathan is a pleasure to work for.  This guys know his stuff and keeps a great energy going to entire time.  The screen was also created state side to fit a rigid bamboo frame by slipping on with pule insert sleeves.  The screen worked really well minus a few little bends in the bamboo that created some curving on the edge it looked perfect.   Jonathan proceeded to shoot his dreamy images onto the screen lighting up such acts as Eoto (show in picture) and many more

The other 2 shade structures I setup where made from high quality 4 way stretch fabric.   We up cycled the stretch panels from the Pyramid at Symbiosis Pyramid Lake to make these to strucutres!  It’s a little crazy to belive but the panels where not modified at all, just setup ina difrfeernt way.  The first structure was made from 4 of the very large panels and the second structure was made from 8 medium panels.  Both structures where mounted up on bamboo verticals tensioned back with cable ways.   All together these 2 shade structures will provided the event with more than 3,200 sq ft of luxurious and decorative shade!

It was a fantastic experience working with the entire crew of the Envision Festival.    The overall smoothness of the event was even better than the year brofore so evolution is being serverd for sure, alwyas a good sign.  Thanks Envision for a wonderful experience and I wish you all the best in 2014 as Space Shaping will be taking a much needed Envsision break this year.  But by all means poele get out this year if you have the means.  It’s going to be remarkable!