Envision 2012 is now complete and this recap is being written from beach side in sunny Costa Rica as I reminisce in the afterglow of this magical event. Things got off to a slow start for the Space Shaping crew. A monster heat with elevated precipitation levels had us at a dead halt during the middle part of the day. We found ourselves waking up at 5:00am to start setup and have some work done before the inevitable heat wave swept us all into our off site air conditioned cabinas. We would continue setup at 4:30pm until sundown. The heat slowed everyone down but eventually this high energy event broke though. It has truly been a while since I have seen such a collection of yummness in one spot! The people, the art, the music, the decorations and the setting – all remarkable unto themselves. This years Envision Festival had all the right ingredients!

Evens like this is where SpaceShaping.net really shines. One of our multifaceted goals is to create deco pieces that make a large impact yet pack down small and travel light. This was the perfect opportunity for such a mission. We setup 2 installations at the event. Just as you walked in the gate to your left we setup the Hexa-Pod – a six sided tent / gathering space based off the flower of life on constructed of modular 3D spandex panels. On the path way between the 2 main zones of the event we setup 5 meter tall (15ft) 3D Spires each with 9 watt RGB LEDs inside! All the deco went up in 2 days (of half work because of the heat) and packed onto 3 50pound suitcases.

Envision has come and gone and now left a wonderful imprint on the hearts of many people. Thanks to all the people who made the gears tick on this one. You are all warriors and you pulled it off! Congratulations Envision crew! We will see you next year (ps we want to decorate our own stage next year).