We where very pleased to be involved with this incredible festival.  This was the first year of the Human Nature Festival (HN Fest)  to happen and a spirited start to what could be one of Oregons premier festival.    Thanks to HN Fest for allowing to come out and shine in full force.  We where given the fredome to to really let it out on this one.  I think the pictures pretty much prove that.

We got to setup 2 stages at this show with lighting and tension fabric decorations.   For the main stage we got to bring out our huge 22′ diameter flowers with LED lighting systems!  Even though these are a byoch to setup they really are worth it.  Just stunning in beauty and size.  Now with the addition of Madrix we can have incredible control off the LED lights that power the flowers.

As well this as the premier of the new performance booth called the GeoPod.   It is a 12.5′ diameter geodesic sphere with an elivated 4′ tall performance platform inside.  The Pod was a huge hit and loved by the crown and the performer alike.  Next we will be taking the Pod to Burning Man to be featured at the Temple of Boom at 10:00 and Esplanade!  It will get a full cover made by Mandala Domes.    Then we will be installing air conditioning and LED lighting by  But anyhow back to HN Fest….

Over all this event was remarkable.  Thanks HN fest for having us out.  We want to support you in bringing this festival back next year.